Karaganda Servicemen Rescue Five-Year-Old Child from Burning Apartment

The actions of these soldiers did not go unnoticed.

26/08/2023 - 16:14
Source: MoD of RK
Source: MoD of RK

Servicemen from the Military Police Unit of the Karaganda Regional Garrison saved a child during a fire in an apartment building, as reported by Sarbaz.kz, citing the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

On that morning, Sergeant Zhandos Aitkali, Lance Corporals Izbassar Toleutai, and Shyngys Erkanat went on duty as usual. As they passed a neighboring building, they noticed that the windows of an apartment on the ground floor were engulfed in flames and smoke. There were no men nearby, and the women gathered at the scene were in a state of panic. Outside, they saw a boy in burnt clothing, approximately 6-7 years old.

"He was frightened and told us that his younger brother was still inside the house. I asked my fellow servicemen to wait for me outside while I climbed through the window into the apartment. The smoke was so thick that my eyes were tearing up. A couple of times, I had to approach the window to breathe and get a wet cloth and a flashlight. Only on the third attempt was I able to find the scared child with a cat in the far room," recalled Zhandos Aitkali.

Sergeant Aitkali safely lowered the child with the pet out of the apartment window. Soon after, firefighters arrived at the scene and began extinguishing the fire.

News of the heroic actions of the servicemen spread through social media. Witnesses of the incident thanked the young men for saving the child. "The military personnel passing by did not remain indifferent. One of them, without hesitation, entered the house and evacuated the child before the firefighters arrived. While the fire was being extinguished, the servicemen left. We just wanted to ensure that their commendable act does not go unnoticed."



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