A competition "Til - Tatulyq Tiregi" took place in the Armed Forces

The event was aimed at stimulating patriotic spirits of the Kazakhstani servicemen 

21/09/2023 - 10:51
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

In the Armed Forces, a competition titled "Til - Tatulyq Tiregi" was conducted, aimed at promoting the use and strengthening the position of the state language, as well as fostering a spirit of Kazakh patriotism among military personnel. This event took place at the National Military-Patriotic Center in Astana and was dedicated to Kazakhstan's Language Day, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The competition involved six composite teams representing different branches and units of the Armed Forces, including "Arystan" (Military Unit 55765), "Zheruyq" (Ground Forces), "Aue Qyrandary" (Air Defense Forces), "Tartip Saqshylary" (Military Police), "Zhalyn" (Military College), and "Alash" (Airborne Assault Troops).

The competition consisted of three stages, each evaluated on a five-point scale. In the first stage, named "Өлең – сөздің патшасы...," (Song- the emperor of words) participants were required to recite by heart six stanzas from works by renowned Kazakh akyns (poets), including Myrzhakyp Dulatov, Akhmet Baitursynov, Magzhan Zhumabayev, among others.

The second stage featured theatrical performances based on selected works by Kazakh writers. Contestants presented classic Kazakh poems such as "Batyr Bayan" by Magzhan Zhumabayev and "When Swans Sleep" by Mukagali Makataev. The theme of repression was also addressed, with participants depicting the harsh fate of ACWTM ( (Akmolinsk Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland) prisoners and German exiles.

During the third stage, teams performed songs or dances while showcasing their national attire and culture.

Special attention was given to strict adherence to allocated time, clear and fluent speech by representatives of different nationalities in the state language, their ability to recite poetry, and interpret artistic texts, as well as their stage performance skills.

The first place in the competition was secured by the Military Police team "Tartip Saqshylary," the second place went to the Airborne Assault Troops team "Alash," and the third place was awarded to the Ground Forces team "Zheruyq." All participating teams received letters of appreciation from the Minister of Defense and commemorative souvenirs.

Colonel Erbol Kumarbekuly, Head of the Ministry of Defense's Office, congratulated the winners and all participants of the competition. He emphasized the importance of conducting such events within the framework of the state program for the implementation of language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025, stating, "The national identity of every nation is passed down through generations via their native language. Therefore, it is essential to instill a deep respect for the native language in the younger generation, regardless of how many languages an individual knows."



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