Territorial Defense Forces, are enhancing their readiness to protect strategically important objects

The exercises took place near Astana

22/09/2023 - 11:52
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

 Seventy conscripts participated in the training, which occurred within the premises of military unit 99255, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The primary objective for the territorial defense brigade was to prevent the infiltration of saboteurs into the territory of a strategic object. The conscripts, drawn from the capital's residents, were trained for this specific purpose.

Participants in the training underwent a comprehensive program of theoretical and practical field training, including exercises in firearms proficiency. Such training exercises are conducted biannually, in both autumn and spring.

The active phase of the exercises took place on-site, with the scenario involving a group of terrorists attempting to seize a strategically important facility defended by a territorial defense battalion. The event received support from the city's akimat (administration) and involved units from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MCHS) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). - shared Colonel Meiram Yelchibaev, Assistant to the Mayor of Astana for Military Security and Defense Matters.

Military Sergeant Marat Oralbekov participated in the training while serving in the capacity of a platoon sergeant. The training personnel engaged in a ten-day program of tactical and instructional preparation and conducted shooting exercises at the firing range.

"We successfully completed the tactical training for countering saboteurs during the protection of the oil depot," he stated.

In the Aktobe region, the "Dam-2023" exercises have concluded. These exercises evaluated the readiness of a territorial defense brigade's guard unit to protect a dam from potential subversion by illegal armed groups.

The Aktobe Reservoir served as the location for the final stage of the tactical-special exercises "Dam-2023." 78 conscripts from the city of Aktobe participated.

The primary theme of these maneuvers was "Actions of the territorial defense brigade's guard unit during special military operations to eliminate illegal armed formations, in cooperation with allocated forces and assets." As part of the exercises, military personnel engaged in firing from small arms and grenade launchers.

An essential component of these exercises, conducted in various regions of the country, was the active coordination between the forces and assets of different structures, including the territorial defense brigade, the Department of Police, the National Guard, and the Department of Emergency Situations.



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