A team from Kazakhstan, has emerged as the champions of the international rescue competition "KazKutkaru-2023."

This achievement was announced by Vice Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bauyrzhan Syzdykov, who presented well-deserved awards to the winners.

21/09/2023 - 11:59
Source: Ministry of Emergency Situations
Source: Ministry of Emergency Situations

According to information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Kazakhstani team from the Kyzylorda region secured the top position in the "Қазқұтқару-2023" rescue competition. Following seven days of intense competition, the runner-up position was claimed by the team from the Republican Search and Rescue Squad of Kazakhstan, while the third-place honor went to the rescue teams from Kyrgyzstan. The Uzbekistan team secured the second-place position.

The annual "Қазқұтқару" competitions have become a significant event in the field of rescue operations. During these competitions, rescuers hone their skills and expertise in saving lives, facilitating the exchange of practical experience.

The "Қазқұтқару-2023" rescue competitions took place at the training ground "City of Cliffs – Astana." Participating rescue units represented member states of the Turkic Council, including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, with Hungary sending a team as observers.

The competition featured various challenging disciplines, including "Search and Rescue Operations in Technogenic Disaster Conditions," "Search and Rescue Operations in Aquatic Environments," "Search and Rescue Operations in Natural Environments," "Cross-Country Running in Rough Terrain," and "Complex Strength Exercises on Parallel Bars."



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