Children of military servicemen joyfully welcomed their fathers back after prolonged military exercises.

The servicemen returned following the successful completion of their combat training tasks during the "Combat Cooperation-2023" exercises.

22/09/2023 - 12:04
Source: Shymkent Garisson Press Service
Source: Shymkent Garisson Press Service

A warm and dignified reception was organized at the 10216 Air Defense Forces Military Unit, where the brigade's leadership, comrades-in-arms, and close relatives welcomed the returning military personnel, as reported by

The most touching and heartwarming moments of the event were the reunions between fathers and their children, who had been separated for over a month.

Many children couldn't contain their tears of joy and rushed into the loving arms of their fathers.

Following the "Combat Cooperation-2023" exercises, approximately 30 units of military and special combat vehicles, along with over 200 servicemen from the 10216 military unit, returned to their permanent bases after covering a march distance of more than 1,000 kilometers on their own.

The brigade commander expressed gratitude to the military personnel for their professionalism demonstrated during the exercises and extended his appreciation to the families of the servicemen for their patience and resilience.

"Respected servicemen, you've shown resilience, endurance, and carried out your military duty with dignity! Thank you for your honorable service to the Motherland!" noted Colonel Orynbasar Zhubanov, the brigade commander.

The "Combat Cooperation" exercises were conducted in several stages, during which the personnel of the air defense forces units were raised on alert, undertook marches with units and specialized military equipment in military formations to the training area at the Saryshagan polygon. Subsequently, the command staff and troops were prepared for combat operations. In the active phase of the exercises, the air defense units of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan conducted live-fire exercises using various, including modern, anti-aircraft missile systems.





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