A Benchmark of Agility and Power: Spanish Company Unveils New Fire Support System

The system seamlessly blends mobility and versatility in a lightweight vehicle.

22/09/2023 - 12:28
Source: NTGS
Source: NTGS

At the recent DSEI exhibition in London, recognized as one of the premier platforms for defense and security, a plethora of cutting-edge defense industry technologies were showcased. However, one of the most highly anticipated systems was the prototype Alakran, developed by the Spanish company NTGS, mounted on the highly mobile Polaris vehicle, as reported by Sarbaz.kz with reference to defense.com.

Alakran is a 120mm fire support system integrated into the MRZR ALPHA 4 Polaris Goberment & Defense vehicle.

The standout feature of this system lies in its ability to combine the mobility and versatility of a lightweight vehicle like the Polaris with the firepower of a 120mm mortar, enabling armed forces to swiftly deploy firepower in challenging or inaccessible terrains where larger equipment may struggle to operate. Furthermore, its compact design facilitates transport in air or maritime operations.

During the exhibition, the Polaris stand garnered significant attention from foreign delegations, affirming the international trend in defense towards more mobile and versatile solutions capable of responding to threats in changing and complex conditions.

The Spanish prototype of the Alakran system on the Polaris vehicle has proven to be a unique offering. Experts have lauded it as a model of power, mobility, and agility, capable of performing tasks in the most challenging environments.






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