Over 300 Million Tenge Spent on Extinguishing Fire at Gas Field in Mangystau

The oil company hopes to have the fire extinguished by the end of September.

24/08/2023 - 15:28
Source: kaztag.kz
Source: kaztag.kz

For the past two months, an emergency well, No. 303, at the Karaturun South field in the Mangystau region has been on fire. Ecologists say that the damage will be assessed after the emergency is contained, according to a statement from the regional Department of Ecology, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

Specialists have been measuring the atmospheric air for the presence of pollutants during the fire. According to the results, an excess of the maximum permissible concentration of the pollutant methane at 2,540 mg/m³ was established. Thus, there is contamination of land resources.

"Environmental samples of atmospheric air are periodically taken at the scene by ecologists. After the emergency is contained, an unscheduled inspection will be carried out by the Department of Ecology in the Mangystau region to determine the extent of environmental damage," said the department's head, Ruslan Tukenov.

According to ecologists, the damage from the well fire will be assessed after the emergency is contained.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy stated that all expenses for the emergency response are covered by "Buzachi Oil" in accordance with the legislation.

The release of a gas-hydrocarbon mixture that turned into an open gas fountain at well No. 303 occurred on June 9 of this year at the Karaturun South field as a result of the lifting of drilling equipment. At present, the well No. 303 is still on fire due to the high pressure of the escaping gas.



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