500 Schoolchildren from Almaty Region Get Acquainted with Basics of Military Affairs

An Open Day was organised in the 35th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade.

22/09/2023 - 16:12

The military unit 32363 of the Konaev Garrison held an Open Day event, welcoming approximately 500 final-year schoolchildren from the city of Konaev and the Almaty region, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the daily life and conditions of servicemen, and observe modern weapons and military equipment, including firearms and group weapons, communication devices, and special airborne equipment.

During their visit, the schoolchildren witnessed the professional training of military personnel, including demonstrations of hand-to-hand combat techniques, navigating obstacle courses under the themes of "Athletics, Determination, Audacity," and an airborne training complex where soldiers practice ground pre-jump training and hone all actions in the air to automation on simulators while learning all stages of parachute packing.

The servicemen also shared insights about the unit's long-standing history, and the students visited the unit's museum, learning many new aspects about military service and the status of servicemen.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nurlibek Abduraimov, the Deputy Commander for Educational and Ideological Work of military unit 32363, the military-patriotic education of youth is one of the priority directions of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

"It's quite possible that some of the young people, after visiting the unit, even made a decision about their future profession. Conducting such events has a significant impact on shaping a patriotic spirit and moral upbringing for the younger generation," emphasized N. Abduraimov.



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