"An Elder from Kazakhstan Completes the First Leg of His Round-the-World Walk"

After finishing the first stage, Sarsenbay Kotyrashov will return to Kazakhstan to wait out the winter.

26/09/2023 - 09:59
Source: @ulytaumen
Source: @ulytaumen

73-year-old traveler Sarsenbay Kotyrashov is currently in Turkey. He shared his progress in an Instagram blog, announcing that he has crossed the city of Trabzon, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The "Aksakal" (elderly man) had planned to walk from Atyrau to Istanbul in 100 days. He has successfully traversed the city of Astrakhan, the Caucasus region, crossed the border into Georgia, and arrived in Turkey via Kazbegi, Tbilisi, Batumi. In Turkey, he visited the cities of Hopa, Artvin, Rize, and Trabzon.

Following his journey through Turkey, the traveler will return to Kazakhstan to spend the winter. He will resume the second leg of his journey, from Turkey to France to the United States, from where he left off.

Sarsenbay Kotyrashov embarked on his round-the-world walking expedition on August 2nd of this year, following a route that covers Kazakhstan - Russia - Georgia - Turkey - Bulgaria - Serbia - Hungary - Austria - Germany - France - the United States - China - Mongolia - Russia - Kazakhstan.

The traveler aims to establish a world record and register in the Guinness World Records. In 2022, Sarsenbay Kotyrashov gained national recognition for walking on foot through all 17 regions of Kazakhstan in just six months.



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