Ministry of Defence: Special Attention Needed for Servicemembers Experiencing Adaptation Difficulties

The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan has discussed matters related to the moral and psychological support of the armed forces.

24/07/2023 - 10:33
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Press Service
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Press Service

An expanded sectorial meeting was held at the Ministry of Defence with the deputies of the commanding generals of military branches, commanders of regional commands, arms of service, and military psychologists, as reported by, citing the ministry's press service.

During the meeting, the necessity of consistent and systematic work in organizing psychological preparation for the personnel was discussed.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defence Sultan Kamaletdinov, it is crucial not only to conduct psychological tests and individual conversations but also to participate in the daily training activities of the troops.

"The work should be carried out not only in offices but also in barracks, on training grounds, on guard duty, and in combat vehicle parks. I see no difficulty in approaching a soldier during a workday, having a conversation with them, inquiring about their service experience and the well-being of their families back home," Lt-Gen. Kamaletdinov states.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister of Defence emphasised the need to pay special attention to servicemembers who have received unsatisfactory ratings in combat training, exhibit pedagogical deficiencies, are physically weak, or experience difficulties in adapting to their military service.

Sultan Kamaletdinov also highlighted the importance of monitoring the moral and psychological state of servicemembers taking up guard and combat duty, stressing that efforts to prevent suicidal behavior among the military personnel should be conducted on a systematic basis.



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