"Loved Life and Was a True Officer": The Life of Alexander Rudenko, BMTT Teacher

A close friend shares the details of the hero’s life

24/07/2023 - 14:44

On July 12, 2023, a tragedy occurred in Schuchinsk, when Alexander Rudenko, a Basic Military and Technical Training (BMTT) teacher from Astana, has saved a drowning child with the tragic cost of his own life. Sarbaz.kz spoke to a close friend and colleague of Alexander Rudenko, Bauyrzhan Smakaev, who shared insights into the hero's life.

Alexander Rudenko was born in 1958 in the Turgai region. Later, his family moved to Tselinograd (now Nur-Sultan). After completing school, Alexander Ivanovich joined the army and served in the Trans-Baikal Military District. Upon returning from the army, he enrolled in the Ural Pedagogical Institute to study English.

"Due to circumstances, Alexander Ivanovich has eventually decided to become an instructor for basic military training, dedicating a significant part of his life to this role and rising to the rank of major in the reserves. He was an excellent teacher, always engaging his students with his subject. Every year, 2-3 of his students would enter military academies after graduating from high school," said Bauyrzhan Smakaev, who had been friends with Alexander Rudenko for 20 years. "Alexander Ivanovich also trained young people for shooting competitions, and his teams always ranked first."

Despite his age, Alexander Rudenko was actively involved in sports and played football. He willingly shared his experiences and mentored younger colleagues.

"He was a true man and a true officer. We have many officers by rank, wearing their insignia, but morally and ethically, Alexander Ivanovich was a real officer. He undoubtedly belonged to the top three best NVTP teachers in the city. His loss is immense for both the children and teachers," Bauyrzhan Smakaev recalled.

Currently, Alexander Ivanovich's colleagues are planning to organise a shooting tournament in his memory during the autumn.

"People like him, who dutifully perform their work, form the backbone not only of the armed forces but also of our society as a whole. When I heard this dreadful news, it hit me like a hammer on the head. Alexander Ivanovich loved life in all its manifestations. At the funeral, I couldn't even say a word; I was so shocked. Someone said, 'God also needs good people.' We will never forget him," said Bauyrzhan Smakaev.

Alexander Ivanovich Rudenko was 65 years old.



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