The Results of Officer Training of Local Military Administration were summarised in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A total of 176 officers participated in the training sessions.

24/07/2023 - 15:35
Source: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Source: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Defense has improved the operations of the conscription commission for compulsory military service, taking into account the complaints received during the spring conscription. Major General Bauyrzhan Artykov, the head of the Department of Organizational and Mobilization Work, shared these and other outcomes of the training sessions during an online briefing held by the relevant department, as reported by

"We have achieved a common understanding regarding the work of the conscription commission. We have communicated all the procedures to the representatives of the defense department, as there were numerous complaints from parents during the spring campaign. Additionally, during the spring, we encountered some questions raised by representatives of the Border Service regarding the examination of conscripts. In the end, we managed to enlist the remaining conscripts into the ranks of the Armed Forces, and some of them were assigned to elite units," – Major General B. Artykov states.

Earlier, the training sessions for officers of local military administration were held in Karaganda. A total of 176 officers participated in the sessions. The participants also had a meeting with the chairperson of the Soldier's Mothers Committee, Liliya Khairullina.

During the training sessions, the officers underwent evaluations for physical and combat readiness, and they also attended classes on corruption and criminal legislation, mobilisation readiness, as well as educational and ideological work in local military administration units.



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