Kazakhstan to Import Around 2 Million Tons of Wheat from Russia in Case of Grain Shortages

The President was briefed on the progress of the harvesting campaign.

02/10/2023 - 12:32
Source: The Official Website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Source: The Official Website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

This year, Kazakh agrarians faced several problems: drought in the southern regions, and heavy rains in the northern regions, which have affected the condition of the crops and the quality of the harvested yield.  Kazakhstan imports the needed volume of grain from Russia in case of a shortage of grain in the domestic market, stated the head of the Trade Committee of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, Alexander Malov, according to Sarbaz.kz, citing Sputnik

"If there is any shortage of food wheat, then a good harvest from our northern neighbor will allow us to import the needed volume of grain. The current harvest will enable them to happily supply us with an additional one or two million tons of grain," Malov told the "Eldala" publication.

According to Malov, this is also beneficial for the Russian side because Kazakhstan is nearby, and transportation capabilities allow for the delivery of wheat.

"For us, it is essential to collect what is still left in the fields, separate the quality grain from the sprouted, and balance the accounts. According to our estimates, there will be about 8 million tons of food wheat of the 3rd and 4th grades in bunker weight, or 7 million tons on the credit side. In addition, we have a surplus of 3 million tons of food wheat, and we expect imports from Russia during this season of at least 1.5 million tons," the expert predicts.

The domestic market for consumption is approximately 5.5 million tons.

Experts do not see any risks to Kazakhstan's food security, especially given Russia's good harvest of over 92 million tons of wheat.




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