Defence Tech Center Showcases Top Startups in the Defense Industry

The center was established in August 2023

12/10/2023 - 18:18

The Defence Tech Center, established in August of this year, is a hub for defense-related startups, operating within the premises of Astana Hub. During its relatively short existence, it has incubated a number of promising startups, as reported by

Winners of the recent Defence Tech Battle startup competition were chosen at the Digital Bridge event.

Geotactica is a project that offers a three-dimensional simulator designed for teaching tactical skills and weapon management. The project, powered by its own engine, provides a complete training cycle, covering everything from weapon proficiency to specific subjects such as ballistic training through artillery battery control and air defense operations.

Beren is a directional anti-drone cannon that disables drone systems with a beam of rays. Once disabled, the drone loses communication with both the remote control and navigation systems such as GLONASS and GPS. The cannon operates across all frequency ranges and is capable of disabling drones at distances ranging from 1.5 to 4 kilometers.

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