Restoring Operational Fitness: How the Military Hospital in Karaganda Operates

The mission of medical personnel is to treat and rehabilitate the officers and soldiers who stand guard over the peaceful lives of Kazakh citizens.

12/10/2023 - 09:54
Photo: Asset Kubasov
Photo: Asset Kubasov

In any collective, be it a military unit or a civilian workplace, there are individuals without whom the efficient and coordinated functioning of the entire organization would be impossible. This holds true for the Karaganda military hospital, which celebrated its 53rd anniversary this year. The dedicated medical staff at this hospital have devoted their entire conscious lives to their beloved profession, and their calling is to heal and restore the health of the officers and soldiers who safeguard the peaceful lives of Kazakh citizens.

Among these dedicated individuals, it's worth mentioning the head of the military hospital, Major Ernar Sadykov, who is a third-generation military officer. His grandfather fought on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, serving as a field medic, and saving the lives of wounded soldiers on the front lines. His father was a military internationalist, serving as the deputy commander of the regional "South" command for educational and ideological work. His extensive service record commands due respect, as he served in various regions of the country and held significant positions. Although he only recently took up the role of hospital chief, starting from the beginning of this year, he has already earned the full respect of the entire medical team.

His subordinates are equally remarkable. Major of the Medical Service Gulzhan Koikenova has been caring for the servicemen of the Karaganda garrison since 2009. She has traversed the path from surgical ward resident to the deputy head of the hospital's medical department. She approaches her work with utmost responsibility.

"A military doctor is not merely a physician working in the army; they are individuals responsible for the health and lives of servicemen, ensuring the readiness of the armed forces, and contributing to the country's defense. They must not only treat injured and ill soldiers but also engage in disease prevention and monitor the health of servicemen. Hence, the role of a military doctor in the army is one of the most responsible and critical positions," notes Gulzhan Birlikovna.

Symbat Zhumabayeva has been working in the hospital for over 18 years. She admits that she retired at one point, but the institution's leadership persuaded her to return. "They told me, 'Symbat Zarubaevna, it's like missing a hand without you!' I couldn't leave my patients," she smiles.

Currently, she leads the hospital's laboratory department, equipped with all the necessary equipment. Her responsibilities include conducting various types of tests required for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

"To be honest, I didn't initially plan to become a military medic. I graduated from the biology department of the E. A. Buketov Karaganda University and worked at the regional oncological dispensary. When I received an offer to work at the Karaganda military hospital, I decided not to decline it. The new experience was intriguing. Certainly, there are specific aspects here, but the primary goal, as always, is to treat and save people. It's a noble profession that was worth dedicating my life to," she reminisces.

Ayimkul Kozhamuratova, the head of the radiological diagnostics department, has been serving here since 2007. She started as the head of the admission department, later went through retraining, and obtained a specialiыation in radiology.

At present, she is eligible for a well-deserved retirement based on her years of service. However, she decided to continue working as long as her strength and health permit.

"My husband is an officer, so I am well acquainted with the hardships and sacrifices of military service. Besides, I am a Major of the Medical Service myself," she chuckles. "But speaking seriously, we, military doctors, just like other servicemen, always had to meet the standards of physical, firearm, and drill training, among others. We were never exempt from these requirements. Our profession is a responsible one. Officers and soldiers serve in challenging conditions, one day on the training ground, the next day on a business trip. They often face increased physical demands, regularly participate in military exercises, and all of this in all weather conditions and seasons. Naturally, health sometimes falters, injuries occur, and regrettably, there are wounds. Dealing with all of this is our responsibility, and the most crucial aspect of our work, in my opinion, is making the correct diagnosis that will determine how successful the treatment will be. We do our best to ensure the patient can stand on their own two feet and return to active duty," she says.

Observing her senior colleagues, she strives to keep up with them. Freshly minted graduate of Karaganda Medical University Senior Lieutenant Danil Chistyakov, who currently heads the admission department, takes on numerous responsibilities. These include ensuring constant readiness to provide urgent medical care, conducting timely and thorough examinations, and treatment, as well as the rational and effective use of medications, and much more. As part of special teams, this young man regularly visits military units in the Karaganda garrison to inspect the work of the medical staff.

"I joined the Karaganda military hospital in August 2023 after completing my internship. I have a desire to work, to help people. Moreover, we have an excellent team here, comprising real professionals and enthusiasts who are always ready to provide both word and deed assistance," asserts Senior Lieutenant.

It is important to note that the Karaganda military hospital currently complies with all modern sanitary norms and regulations. New equipment is being procured, and the supply of pharmaceuticals is seamless. The majority of the medical personnel hold appropriate qualification categories. Active career guidance work is conducted with students from the medical educational institutions of the mining capital. The institution's team regularly visits the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, helping them with treatment and medication.



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