New Recruits of the State Guard Service Embark on Mandatory Service

All of the new recruits underwent rigorous selection based on health indicators and moral-psychological qualities.

12/10/2023 - 10:13

In a solemn ceremony held at the National Military Patriotic Centre of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 28 conscripts, who will serve in the State Guard Service, bid farewell. This was reported by

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the city administration, the Department of Defence Affairs, Armed Forces veterans, members of the "Zhaz Sarbaz" youth military-patriotic movement, as well as the relatives and loved ones of the new recruits.

"Throughout history, the defence of the homeland has been considered a sacred duty, and military service is an honourable obligation of every citizen. Completing mandatory service not only allows you to acquire the skills to handle weapons and complex military equipment but also contributes to the physical and spiritual growth of young men. Your year of service will pass quickly, and during this time, you will become strong and courageous defenders of the homeland. You must be worthy inheritors of the martial traditions of our ancestors who defended peace and freedom in our country during challenging times," advised General-Major Bauyrzhan Artykov, the Head of the Organisational-Mobilisation Work Department of the Ministry of Defence, addressing the conscripts.

Deputy Chairman of the "Veterans of the Armed Forces" Public Association, Major-General Marat Nagumanov, thanked parents for raising their sons and wished the new recruits optimism, quick adaptation, and success in learning the wisdom of military life.

Today is also a significant day for the renowned Kazakhstani journalist Dinara Satzhan, as her son Daniyal is among those embarking on a year of service in the State Guard Service.

"Today is an important day not only for the young recruits who have made a worthy choice but also for their parents. Each young man has made this choice in favour of the Motherland. I accepted my son's decision with great enthusiasm because military service is something that every citizen must go through. Of course, the conditions of service are quite austere. Twenty people can live in one barracks room, but what the army does to turn boys into men in a year is actually a tremendous challenge. The army teaches endurance and resilience. I understand that the beginning might not be easy, and they will have to go through these stages. It's just one year, during which they will leave their comfort zone but will acquire skills and knowledge for the rest of their lives," said Dinara Satzhan.

After serving a year, Daniyal plans to receive a higher education diploma and become a qualified specialist thanks to a special program provided by the Ministry of Defence.

Gani Artykov, a representative of the Recruitment and Draft Office of Astana, discussed the details of the "Conscripts 2.0" program developed by the Ministry of Defence. This program allows military personnel to enroll in universities after completing their mandatory service. He noted that as of today, around 600 individuals have already enrolled and are studying under this program. In the near future, a second group of military personnel will also start their education under this program. It is a significant support for young people who not only serve well but also have the desire to obtain a necessary qualification.

The farewells of the conscripts concluded with their loved ones bidding them a safe journey.

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