Industrial Climber Fatally Falls on a Construction Site in Astana

Three more climbers have been hospitalised

13/10/2023 - 11:17

An industrial climber tragically lost his life after falling from a height on a construction site in one of the residential complexes in Astana. This incident was reported by the city's police department, as conveyed by

One worker has passed away at the scene before the arrival of an ambulance team, while the remaining three were hospitalized.

"In response to the fall of the workers, the city police department of Astana has initiated a pretrial investigation under Part 3 of Article 277 of the Criminal Code for the violation of safety regulations during construction work," stated the report.

The workers fell from the ninth floor while carrying out high-altitude tasks. Three of the industrial climbers were born in 1999, and one was born in 2002. An investigation into the tragedy is currently underway.

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