Military Operation Featuring Ships and Aviation Conducted During Exercises in Kyrgyzstan

The aviation cover for the air assault and assault operations was provided by a Kazakh Air Force Mi-17 helicopter.

13/10/2023 - 11:51
Source: MoD of Kyrgyzstan
Source: MoD of Kyrgyzstan

In the context of ongoing exercises in Kyrgyzstan involving peacekeeping forces from the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), known as the "Indestructible Brotherhood," a practical demonstration of joint operations with the Russian Navy's Test Base located at Lake Issyk-Kul was executed. This information has been reported by, citing the Ministry of Defence of Kyrgyzstan.

During the exercises aimed at patrolling the coastal area, six vessels from the water area protection group were deployed, including the diving boat RVK-1328 "Vice-Admiral Temirov."

According to the scenario, "terrorists" attacked a maritime convoy, capturing a barge carrying radioactive waste and its crew. Special forces units from the Kyrgyz Republic's Armed Forces, in cooperation with the water area protection group and convoy protection vessels from the Russian Armed Forces, initiated a special operation.

After the "captured" vessel was forcibly stopped to conduct a boarding, special forces teams from a Mi-8MTV helicopter from the Kyrgyzstan Air Force performed a cable descent. Aviation cover for the air assault and assault operations was provided by a Mi-17 helicopter from the Kazakhstan Air Force.

The liberated "hostages" were evacuated to a special ship to receive medical and psychological assistance.

Under the protection of convoy vessels, the diving boat proceeded to the location where the "terrorists" had dropped a container of radioactive waste. Divers conducted radiological, chemical, and biological reconnaissance, then, utilising diving equipment SVU-5, retrieved the container. An engineer-sapper unit conducted a thorough inspection of the vessel to check for explosive devices. Following the inspection, the ship was towed to a pier.

To recap, exercises involving peacekeeping forces from the CSTO, named "Indestructible Brotherhood-2023," have been taking place in Kyrgyzstan since October 9th. These exercises involve national contingents of peacekeeping forces from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan, as well as operational groups from the CSTO Secretariat and Joint Staff. In total, approximately 1,500 military personnel and over 200 units of military and special equipment are participating in the exercises.



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