A Military Strike That Could be the Last One in History

North Korea threatens a preventive nuclear strike

20/10/2023 - 11:54
Source: bankokbook.ru
Source: bankokbook.ru

North Korea has threatened the United States with a preemptive nuclear strike due to the deployment of American bombers to the Korean Peninsula, as reported by `Sarbaz.kz, citing the Central Telegraph Agency of North Korea (CTA).

The CTA points to the dispatch of U.S. B-52 strategic bombers to the Korean Peninsula, as well as planned joint military exercises involving U.S. Air Forces, South Korea, and Japan.

The agency asserts that this is a deliberate maneuver by the United States, both domestically and abroad, aimed at provoking a nuclear war.

Source: South  Korean Ministry of National Defence 

It also notes that the "adventurous U.S. policy to implement its hegemonic ambition" has been failing due to conflicts in Europe and the Middle East. The Korean Peninsula is, by law, in a state of war, and the "strategic assets deployed to the enemy's territory will be the first target for destruction."

The era when the United States held a monopoly on the right to a preemptive strike has come to an end. Given that the U.S. and "gangsters" from the Republic of Korea are threatening to provoke a nuclear war against our Republic, our response will be appropriate. The United States would find it useful to realize as soon as possible that the more mistakes they repeat, the closer they come to a dangerous moment for the American continent beyond the ocean, as noted by the agency.

It's worth adding that at the end of September, the North Korean Parliament passed an amendment to the constitution, affirming the country's right to develop a military nuclear program.

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