Medical Exercises Underway in Response to Kamikaze Drone Attacks

Scenarios are based on real events.

26/10/2023 - 11:52
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US and Japanese military personnel have conducted medical exercises simulating a kamikaze drone attack on Yokota Air Base in Japan, as reported by Japan Times.

These exercises took place after American forces deployed in the Middle East came under attack, with one strike in Iraq reportedly resulting in the death of a contractor, and another attack on US-led coalition forces in Syria resulting in minor injuries to some service members.

The widespread use of kamikaze drones and other strike drones in conflicts has prompted US forces to improve their preparedness for responding to the aftermath of drone attacks. This has become even more crucial for troops stationed in Japan, especially considering the growing arsenal of unmanned aerial vehicles in China, which has emerged as a leading exporter of drone systems.

The scenarios, involving mass casualties and evacuations, are modeled on actual events, allowing Yokota's airmen to hone their emergency response capabilities while enhancing the base's readiness and resilience. Part of the exercises involved simulating an attack on the airbase, resulting in numerous casualties and the urgent need for evacuation. UH-1N Huey and C-130J Super Hercules aircraft were used to transport the injured to a hospital, where they received immediate medical attention.

Notably, these exercises come at a tense time for the region. Japan is preparing to bolster its Self-Defense Forces to counter threats from regional adversaries, including China and North Korea.

The day following the conclusion of the medical exercises at Yokota, on October 20, large-scale joint exercises between US armed forces and Japan's Self-Defense Forces began, focusing on defending isolated Japanese islands.

Shortly thereafter, another set of exercises commenced. On October 22, South Korean, American, and Japanese military personnel conducted their first-ever trilateral aerial exercises to counter the growing threat from North Korea.

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