How Kazakhstan Combats Recidivism among Former Pedophilia Convicts

Kazakhstan is planning to create a database for the reintegration of former prisoners

25/07/2023 - 10:49

The directive to create a reintegration database of former convicts was given to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Akimats by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Tamara Duisenova, as reported by, citing the Prime Minister's press service.

Reintegration involves adapting individuals to life within their new community after their release from prison. A comprehensive set of measures, including educational, psychological, moral, socio-economic, and legal aspects, will be implemented for convicts before their release from detention facilities.

The effectiveness of the prisoner adaptation system will be observed over time. This decision comes in the wake of highly publicized incidents of abuse and the murder of a child in the Turkestan region. The suspect in this case had previously been sentenced to 10 years for murder. After being released, he committed a robbery and received a 3-year suspended sentence.

Additionally, Kazakhstan maintains a database of sex offenders, including pedophiles, on the website of the General Prosecutor's Office ( The portal provides information, such as photographs, names, birthdates, and registered addresses, of individuals convicted of crimes against the sexual integrity of minors. According to the portal, there are approximately 400 individuals convicted of pedophilia in Kazakhstan, with the highest number, 34 people, in the Zhambyl region, and 7 registered in the capital.

Since 2018, Kazakhstan has employed chemical castration for pedophiles. The procedure involves injecting a drug that suppresses the actions of the male hormone testosterone, resulting in the complete suppression of sexual desire for a period of three months. This effect is not permanent and only lasts during the administration of the drug. If the procedure is discontinued, male functions are restored.

In the United States, similar restrictive measures are applied to released pedophiles. Information about their residence, photographs, and other details are made publicly available through a national online database. Chemical castration is also utilized in some cases.

Furthermore, 14 states in the US have imposed residency restrictions for pedophiles, prohibiting them from residing in close proximity to schools, school bus stops, daycare centers, or playgrounds. A special notification system allows parents to be informed if a convicted pedophile is living nearby.




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