Republic Defense Festival "Asker Media-2023" Held at the Ministry of Defense

General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov welcomed the participants

10/11/2023 - 16:01

The National Military-Patriotic Center of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan hosted an award ceremony for representatives of the mass media, as reported by

Participants in the event included Berik Uali, the Press Secretary of the President of Kazakhstan, representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Information, collaborating agencies, leaders of national media outlets, press secretaries of government bodies, journalists, and bloggers.

Welcoming the festival participants, General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov, the Minister of Defense, expressed appreciation for projects fostering collaboration with the media. He emphasised their role in enhancing transparency and public trust in the military.

"Such initiatives contribute to the development of cooperation with the media, increasing openness and citizens' trust in the army. Thank you for addressing military themes. I wish you new projects and creative success," he said, addressing journalists from print, television, electronic, radio media, photographers, and bloggers.

During the ceremony, representatives of the media were honored. Letters of appreciation from the Minister were presented to the producers of the programs "Qyzmet yetemin," Yulia Vasilenko, "Aqsaýýt," Saule Myqtibaeva, and the Chief Editor of the Sarbaz portal, Timur Kubekov.

Eldos Nashirali, Chairman of the Information Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Information, congratulated veterans of military journalism. He awarded "Aqparat salasynyn uzdigi" badges to Sapargali Zhagiparov, Kairu Dunbayanova, and an honorary diploma to Dulat Moldabayev.

The Ministry of Defense organizes the Republic Press Festival for the fourth time. According to the jury's criteria, works published in the media from January 1 to October 31, 2023, were considered. Evaluation criteria included the author's professional mastery, the relevance of the topic, and the original presentation of the material.

In the "Bes qaru" category for the best television program, Aigerim Muzdybaeva from the "Pervyj kanal Evraziya" TV channel emerged victorious.

Qazradio radio journalist Baǵdaqyl Raqmetqyzy was recognized as the best in the "Daýwypaz" category.

Among print media in the "Aldaspan" category, journalist Eskendir Zulqarnay from the "Egemen Qazaqstan" newspaper was declared the winner.

In the "Sózsemser" category, the jury determined Maxim Morozov's work from the news agency as the best.

The "Rauan" category honored the best photograph by Liter newspaper photo correspondent Pavel Mikheev.

In the "Qamsygher" category for bloggers, Timur Asylkhanov emerged as the winner. In the "Dilmar" category for the best military commentator, the jury preferred the work of Alexander Miroglov from the "" news agency.

In the "Zhas orken" category for young journalists, Erkenaz Khanatbay was the victor.

Over 200 entries from more than 30 media outlets participated in the competition. The winners in eight categories were awarded diplomas, special statuettes, cash prizes, and gifts.

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