Head of State Meets Minister of Defense Ruslan Zhaxylykov

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was briefed by the head of the defense department, Ruslan Zhaxylykov, on the results of their activities during the first half of 2023.

25/07/2023 - 11:57
Source: Ak-Orda Press Service
Source: Ak-Orda Press Service

According to Sarbaz.kz, referring to the Akorda press service, the President was informed about the implementation of a new format of combat training with changes in its periodicity and model, aimed at improving the leadership qualities of the commanders.

The Minister of Defense reported to the Head of State on the measures taken to strengthen territorial defense. Systematic work is being carried out both at the legislative level and in practical terms.

Information was presented to the President regarding the process of arming and equipping units of permanent readiness, including the transition to mobile and modular components of domestic production.

Additionally, the peacekeeping activities of the Armed Forces were separately reported.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was informed about the digitization of information about conscripts and citizens who have completed their compulsory military service. The modernization of information systems and their integration with databases of other state authorities enabled the transition of conscription, military registration, and issuance of military IDs to electronic format.

Ruslan Zhaxylykov provided updates on the measures taken to provide credit holidays for conscripts, as well as privileged education. To date, 2.5 thousand soldiers have received loan deferments and 1.5 thousand former servicemen have been given places in higher educational institutions.

“Furthermore, during the reporting period, nearly 700 discharged reservist conscripts were trained in market-demanded professions such as drivers, mechanics, machine operators, locksmiths, cooks, and others”- as stated by Akorda.

The President took into account the mentioned initiatives, including those related to the joint work with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science on allocating quotas for privileged education, providing state educational grants to former conscripts, and continuing their legislative consolidation.

Based on the meeting's outcomes, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev issued a number of directives, with special emphasis on matters pertaining to enhancing the combat readiness of the Armed Forces.



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