A Military Simulator Demonstration for University Military Departments Took Place in Astana

The simulator aims to streamline the learning process.

18/11/2023 - 12:17

In Astana, leaders of military departments in higher education institutions were presented with a military simulator, reported by Sarbaz.kz.

There's currently a specific emphasis on digitalization and expanding the use of information and communication technologies. Practice shows that the use of new digital technologies in the learning process not only enhances the quality and effectiveness of reserve preparation but also has an educational impact on students.

Therefore, the Department of Military Education and Science of the Ministry of Defence, along with the "Defense Tech" industry center, in collaboration with TOO "Finist," conducted a presentation of the tactical action simulator "Geotactics" based at AO "Kazakhstan GIS Center" in Astana for representatives of military departments and in an online mode for everyone else. Additionally, there was a meeting to clarify any arising questions.

During the discussion, it was concluded that the simulator would be incorporated into the curriculum next year after addressing the needs of various departments depending on the students' training directions.

It's worth noting that the simulator has been adopted by some military departments in the country and is fully utilized in the learning process.

"Geotactics" is a virtual platform designed to teach basic combat skills, navigation, and tactical reconnaissance. It boasts various features that allow for precise replication of different scenarios and tactical situations. The program can be used in both traditional classroom settings and in online learning, making it a versatile tool for training specialists.

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