Navy Sailors Validate Their Combat Readiness

Following the exercises, the best servicemen were honoured.

23/11/2023 - 15:48
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

Under the guidance of Rear Admiral Saken Bekzhanov, the Commander of the Navy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, training sessions were held for the commanders of naval units, as reported by

The exercises took place at the naval base of the Aktau garrison, where ships were docked, and they summarized the work done in 2023.

During these events, ship commanders and crews conducted demonstrative training on preparing ships for combat duty, practical building storming exercises, ship combat readiness, and sea deployment.

The best servicemen were honoured at the conclusion of the exercises. For instance, Captain 3rd Rank Ruslan Yakh'yarov was named the best ship commander for the missile-artillery ship "Kazakhstan," while Major Anzor Labazanov, the commander of the marine assault battalion, was recognized as the best battalion commander. Additionally, winners were announced in categories such as "Best Navigator" and "Best Boatswain."



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