Europe Unveils a Prototype of the Next-Generation Helicopter

The aircraft is designed to perform various functions.

30/11/2023 - 15:49

At the European Rotors exhibition in Madrid, the helicopter division of the manufacturing company Leonardo showcased a full-scale model of the latest single-engine helicopter, the AW09+. This was reported by citing the military portal

Among the exhibits at the stand of the Italian multinational company, visitors could also see the familiar model of the elegant twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter, the Leonardo AW169.

The company's newer development was the presented model of the universal twin-engine helicopter, the AW09+. This aircraft was produced by the Swiss company Kopter Group and was acquired by the Italian company in 2020. It stands out for having a single engine from the French company Safran Arriel 2K.

The exhibition highlighted that the helicopter is optimized for various functions, including passenger transportation, emergency medical assistance, and security tasks. Its combination of high cruising speed, extended flight range, and low noise levels makes it adaptable to the modern market.

The company emphasizes that the helicopter will feature a spacious cabin accommodating up to 8 passengers simultaneously. It is also designed to minimize the effects of impact. Additionally, the interior can be easily adapted depending on the required tasks.

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