What Kind of Technology will the Kazakhstan Air Defence Force add to its Arsenal?

Despite rumors of purchasing French fighters, the Kazakh Air Defence Forces expect to receive ten Su-30MK jets by 2024.

01/12/2023 - 10:14
Source: ortcom.kz
Source: ortcom.kz

Major General Dauren Kosanov, the commander of the Air Defence Forces, spoke at a briefing within the Central Communications Service, detailing the equipment that has been acquired this year and the expected additions, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

Kosanov mentioned that, following the rearmament program approved by the Kazakh government, the modernization of the aviation fleet and air defense assets continues.


Photo: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

According to Kosanov, six Su-30MK fighters are slated for delivery early next year, followed by an additional ten by 2024.

The Su-30MK is a versatile Russian fighter designed for air superiority and ground and sea target attacks. Renowned for high manoeuvrability, advanced onboard electronic systems, and effective armaments, the aircraft boasts a maximum speed of around 2,120 km/h and a range of 3,000 km. Its adaptability enables efficient execution of various tasks in aerial and ground operations.

Regarding the potential procurement of similar French multirole Rafale fighters, the Defense Ministry representatives denied such claims. They indicated that the Ministry opted for the Su-30MK due to its affordability, with a single Rafale costing approximately $100 million, while the Su-30MK stands around $20 million.


Photo: Informburo.kz

Under a contract between Kazakhstan and the European aviation conglomerate "Airbus Military," the fleet welcomed the C-295 military transport aircraft.

The C-295 is a medium-capacity versatile transport aircraft developed and manufactured by the Spanish company Airbus Defence and Space. This lightweight turbo-prop transport aircraft serves various military and civilian operations, accommodating up to 71 military personnel and transporting cargoes and military equipment. With a maximum flight range of about 5,000 km at full load, the C-295 fulfils diverse tasks such as troop transportation, medical evacuation, search and rescue operations, maritime patrol, and more.


Photo: Grigory Bedenko

The Mi-35, a Russian combat helicopter, is the next developmental stage after the Mi-24, designed for a wide range of tasks, including ground and air target attacks, troop support, transportation, and medical evacuation. It boasts potent armaments, high maneuverability, and adaptability to various combat conditions, accommodating up to 8 passengers armed with diverse ammunition. With a maximum speed of about 310 km/h and a flight range of up to 1,000 km, the Mi-35 is actively utilized by several countries due to its effectiveness in different combat scenarios.

SAM "Tor-M2K"

Photo: asker.kz

This year, the Kazakh Air Defence Forces plan to acquire one Tor-M2K air defense missile system.

The "Tor-M2K" anti-aircraft missile system is designed for effective protection against airborne threats at medium distances. Armed with medium-range missiles, it can engage various airborne targets, including aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles, with a striking radius of up to 16 km in the far range and 1.5 km in the close range.



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