Netanyahu does not rule out the destruction of Lebanon because of "Hezbollah"


Netanyahu highlighted that Israel is engaged in the destruction of terrorist units and pushing them further away from the border.

04/12/2023 - 10:26
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

Possible escalation from the Shiite organization Hezbollah along the Lebanon-Israel border might lead to Lebanon's destruction, stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by citing

"We are constantly acting in the north against Hezbollah's efforts directed against us," he said during a briefing.

Netanyahu emphasised Israel's ongoing efforts to eliminate terrorist groups and push them away from the border, along with the destruction of their ammunition.

The Prime Minister pledged to continue bolstering deterrence forces in the north and pursuing victory in the Gaza sector. He underscored that if Hezbollah made a grave mistake by engaging in a widescale war, Israel would "destroy Lebanon with its own hands."

Previously, the United States had deemed it essential to strengthen Palestinian security forces. Vice President Kamala Harris noted that three development directions for Gaza were proposed to Arab leaders after the conflict's cessation.

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