Britain Will Commence Reconnaissance Flights Over Gaza

Britain declared that at least 12 citizens of the country were killed in attacks on October 7.

06/12/2023 - 15:46
Source: UK Ministry of Defence
Source: UK Ministry of Defence

British military will conduct reconnaissance flights over Gaza to aid in locating hostages held by Hamas, reported by citing Al Jazeera.

According to Israeli authorities, members of Hamas have seized around 240 Israelis and foreign hostages. Since then, approximately 110 people have been freed, primarily during the recent week-long ceasefire.

Israeli forces announced on Friday that they have resumed military operations in the besieged Palestinian territory, blaming Hamas for this action.

London has not specified when its military observation flights over the territory will begin but stressed that they will be unarmed and solely focused on efforts to free the hostages.

"In support of the ongoing hostage release operation, the UK Ministry of Defence will conduct reconnaissance flights over the Eastern Mediterranean, including airspace over Israel and Gaza. The surveillance aircraft will be unarmed, will not perform a combat role, and will be tasked exclusively with detecting hostages. Only information related to the rescue of hostages will be transmitted to the relevant bodies responsible for their rescue," the statement read.

Hamas condemned the planned flights in their statement, denouncing the "participation of British military in the genocidal war against the Palestinian people."

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