Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Awards Military Personnel for Successful Firefighting mission in the Abay Region

Military personnel provided assistance in extinguishing the fire until the very end.

05/07/2023 - 13:03
Source: Ministry of Defence Press Service
Source: Ministry of Defence Press Service

General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov, the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan, has expressed gratitude to the military personnel for their dedication in fulfilling their military and service duties and the courage demonstrated in emergency situations, as reported by citing the press service of the defense department.

The following state awards were presented by the Minister of Defense:

Col. Nurlan Baydullaev, Commander of Military Unit 53975, received the Order of "Aybyn" (Second Class), and Staff Sergeant Talgat Zhangazinov from Military Unit 28738 received the Medal "Zhauyngerlik Erliyi Ushin" (For Courageous Service).

Additionally, Sen. Lt. Aslan Ikhlasov, Chief of the Canine Service of the Military Police of the Abay Regional Garrison, has received the Ministry of Defense Commemorative Medal "El Korganı" (Defender of the Motherland). The Ministry of Defense Medals for Extraordinary Situations, "Ortte Korsetken Qaysarlygy Ushin," (For Courage during Fire Extinguishing) were awarded to Sen.Sgt. Rustem Otkelbayev, Commander of a Detachment in Military Unit 44736, Sgt. Madiyar Bekenov from the Artillery Battery of Military Unit 28738, and Jr. Sgt. Ernur Erkintaev, Chief of the Military Police Patrol of the Abay Regional Garrison. Furthermore, Major Maxim Kononenko, Commander of a Unit in Military Unit 19132, received an early promotion to the rank of Lt. Col.




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