In Kazakhstan, the Vehicle Technical Inspection Document, is being Digitised

The digital version of the document will be stored in the database of the inspecting authorities, and its validity can be verified in real-time mode.

03/08/2023 - 20:49

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development (MIIR) is collaborating with the National Information Technologies JSC (NIT) to transform the vehicle inspection certificate into a digital format, as reported by citing the department's press service.

The diagnostic card for technical inspection will be stored in the personal account of the mobile application for the e-government. The service has already been developed by specialists, and technical work is underway. After completing the integration process, the pilot version of the service will be released on September 1 of the current year on EgovMobile.

"As per the project plan, the digital version of the document will be stored in the database of inspecting authorities, and its presence can be checked in real-time mode. It is essential to underline that digital documents hold the same legal value as their paper counterparts while offering greater convenience: mitigating corruption risks and enhancing societal trust," the ministry's statement explains.



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