Ignite Fire and Cool Water: Military Life Hacks

07/08/2023 - 20:59
Source: novate.ru
Source: novate.ru

In the realm of field survival, military personnel often resort to ingenious life hacks to navigate challenging situations. Many of these hacks find relevance beyond the battlefield and can be applied to everyday life. A correspondent from Sarbaz.kz has unearthed three intriguing methods.

The lives of servicemen are replete with unexpected twists. While undertaking diverse tasks, particularly in field conditions, they coexist with nature. In order to make their lives slightly more manageable, military personnel have devised life hacks that could prove useful to the average individual.

Kindling a Flame

Amidst field conditions, suitable materials for kindling a fire are not always readily available. However, a method has been discovered. To swiftly ignite a campfire, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly are employed. These balls catch fire rapidly and burn for several minutes. This technique finds application even during outdoor excursions.

Bed-Making Without Wrinkles

This life hack was observed within military barracks. If a bedsheet is excessively long and you desire to drape it perfectly over the mattress without a single wrinkle, simply fold it inwards towards the center of the bed, forming a triangular shape, and tuck it under the mattress in this configuration.

Chilling Refreshments

An inventive method of cooling beverages emerged within the military, particularly among those serving in tropical climates. To cool liquid within a bottle and maintain its chilliness for an extended duration, a commonplace sock is employed. Soak the sock in cold water, encase the bottle within it, and then suspend it from a tree branch or clothesline.

In the intricate tapestry of survival skills, these military life hacks stand as a testament to human ingenuity, offering pragmatic solutions that transcend the boundaries of the battlefield.




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