Who Receives State Medals in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan has established 10 orders, 4 medals, 4 honorary titles, and a range of departmental awards.

11/08/2023 - 23:02
Source: Sarbaz.kz
Source: Sarbaz.kz

This Sarbaz.kz article delves into the types of medals in Kazakhstan and who may be bestowed with them during times of peace.

The Medal for "Bravery" is awarded to citizens for acts of courage and selflessness in extreme situations involving the rescue of human lives (in water, during fires, natural disasters) or in the fight against crime.

The Medal for "Distinguished Military Service" is conferred upon members of the Armed Forces, other military units, and formations of the country, as well as employees of special state bodies, prosecutor's offices, national security, and internal affairs agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Medal for "Valor" is granted for skillful, initiative-driven, and courageous actions in combat that contribute to the successful completion of military tasks by military units and subdivisions, as well as in the fight against crime.

The Medal for "Generosity" is presented for active and productive charitable activities and acts of compassion.

In addition to the aforementioned medals, there exist numerous departmental awards in the fields of education, medicine, tourism, construction, etc. These are presented on the occasion of state, professional, and other holidays, as well as milestone anniversaries and upon achieving years of service.

Recipients of the state awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan are required to ensure their safekeeping. In the event of loss of state awards and accompanying documents, awardees retain their rights to the awards.

Duplicates of lost medals are generally not issued. As an exception, they may be reissued by decision of the Commission on State Awards only in cases of losses due to fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Following the recipient's passing, the medals become a legacy and are inherited by family members as memorabilia. With their consent, the awards and accompanying documents may be transferred to museums for preservation and display. If the deceased has no heirs, their awards and documents are returned to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.





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