Five Types of Prohibited Weapons During Armed Conflicts

Prohibitions established by the United Nations Convention.

11/08/2023 - 23:15

You may not be aware, but according to a special United Nations Convention, certain types of weapons are forbidden to be used during armed conflicts. Learn about these prohibited weapon types in this article by correspondent.

The fundamental principles are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on "The Prohibition or Restriction of the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects." Kazakhstan became a signatory to this Convention in 2009.

Explosive Munitions weighing up to 400 grams

The prohibition of using these explosive munitions in armed conflicts marked one of history's earliest instances. Explosive munitions causing undue suffering were banned by the St. Petersburg Declaration as far back as 1968. The danger of such munitions lies in their fragmentation upon contact with the human body, resulting in excruciating pain. This ban significantly propelled the further development of international humanitarian law. Today, the declaration forms an integral part of international humanitarian law, the norms of which are binding for all states.