Honorary Titles of Kazakhstan and Their Recipients

Kazakhstan has established 10 orders, 4 medals, 4 honorary titles, as well as a range of departmental awards.

14/08/2023 - 21:48
Source: Sarbaz.kz
Source: Sarbaz.kz

In this feature, Sarbaz.kz delves into the honorary titles existing in Kazakhstan and the accomplishments that warrant their conferral.

The honorary title "Kazаkstаnyn еnbeк sіnіrgen qayratkerі" is bestowed upon prominent state and public figures, representatives of science, culture, arts, industry, and the social sphere for significant contributions to the country.

The honorary title "Kazаkstаnyn gаryshker-ushtyshy" is awarded to citizens who have successfully accomplished a designated space flight program.

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The "Аltyń аlqa" and "Kúmis álqa" honorary titles are bestowed upon mothers who have given birth to and raised 7 or more children, and 6 or more children, respectively.

Privileges for Mothers of Many Children

Mothers of many children who have been awarded the "Аltyń аlqa" pendant or have previously received the title of "Mother-Heroine" are provided with residential space. A special state allowance is granted to cover housing expenses for them and their families.

Mothers of many children who have been awarded the "Kúmis álqa" pendant may have privileges established through local budget funds.

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