How to Obtain a Military ID in Kazakhstan

A military ID is issued upon completion of military service.

30/06/2023 - 12:43
A Military ID
A Military ID

For employment purposes, especially in government agencies, a Military ID is mandatory. To learn how to obtain one, read the article by correspondent.

A Military ID is a lifelong personal identification and military document that determines a citizen's affiliation with military service and their obligations.

A Military ID is issued after completing military service or in certain other cases, such as when relocating from other countries to permanent residence in Kazakhstan.

Citizens aged 18 to 27 are subject to conscription for military service. Young men must report to the military enlistment office for a medical examination or provide a certificate from their place of study to obtain a deferral.

Service duration:

Compulsory military service - 12 months;

Alternative military service - 35 days.

Since March 2013, citizens have been able to obtain a military ID within one month, with the introduction of paid military service in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this innovation is to provide an opportunity for citizens who were previously unable to serve due to certain circumstances. Citizens can undergo training in the military reserve program on a paid basis at any of  the 15 branches of the Republican State-Owned Enterprise "Military Technical School" under the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, subject to a specified fee. In this article, we will explain how you can undergo paid training.

Who is eligible for paid training?

Individuals aged 24 to 27, who are fit or limitedly fit for military service due to health conditions, including those with a deferral from conscription, can undergo military service on a paid basis.

After completing the service, citizens can apply for a Military ID. To do so, they need to contact the local branch of the "Government for Citizens" State Corporation.




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