I Would Join the Army to Learn: The System of Military Education in Kazakhstan

As of today, one can study military affairs in Kazakhstan at the following educational institutions: three military schools named "Zhas Ulan," two colleges, three military institutes, as well as the National Defense University (postgraduate education).

30/06/2023 - 12:50
Source: The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan
Source: The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan

Secondary Education

Almaty Republican School "Zhas Ulan" named after Bauyrzhan Momishuly

Karaganda Republican School "Zhas Ulan" named after the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union T. Y. Begeldinov

Shymkent Republican School "Zhas Ulan" named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Sabir Rakhimov

How to enroll into "Zhas Ulan" school

The school accepts young men who have graduated from the 9th grade and have obtained a certificate of completion of basic secondary education.

From August 1st to 5th, applicants arrive at the school with their parents (or legal guardians) and submit an application for admission along with the required documents, which includes:

  • Application for admission in any format with all the applicant's details.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the certificate of Basic Secondary Education
  • 4 photographs sized 3x4
  • Medical documents and examination results
  • Recommendation letter from the school headmaster with a stamp

The School Admission process takes place from August 6th to 20th and includes 5 stages:

Stage 1 - Professional psychological selection. It includes an assessment of motivation, stress tolerance, critical and logical thinking.

Stage 2 - Mathematics and language test consisting of 20 questions each.

Stage 3 - Medical examination.

Stage 4 - Physical fitness test. It includes pull-ups, a 60-meter run, and a 2000-meter run. The minimum requirement for selection is 7 pull-ups, a 60-meter run in 10 seconds, and a 2-kilometer run in 11 minutes.

Stage 5 - Competitive selection and enrollment. It takes place on August 20 and is based on a ranking system.

Military Colleges

The Sh. Ualikhanov Military College located in Shchuchinsk and the S. Nurmagambetov Military College in Astana.

How to enroll into a Military College

The training at the Sh. Ualikhanov Military College in Shchuchinsk lasts for 2 years based on general secondary education in the field of "junior management in military affairs." The training prepares sergeants in the following qualifications: management of motorised rifle units and management of missile troops and artillery units.

Young men aged 17 to 22 or servicemen completing their mandatory military service before the age of 24 can enroll in this college.

At the S. Nurmagambetov Military College in Astana, the education is based on basic secondary education and lasts for 3 years in the following specialties: automation and info-communication technologies in military affairs, technical maintenance of weapons and military equipment, and junior management in military affairs.

Only graduates of 9th grade are accepted into the college. The application period is from August 1st to 20th, inclusive.

To enroll into the college, applicants will require to submit an application to the local military commissariat by the 1st of May. After passing the screening and medical examination, and having a High School Diploma with a GPA of at least 3.0, applicants must arrive at the college by July 30th.

There, they will undergo 4 stages:

Stage 1- Professional psychological selection

Stage 2- Medical examination conducted by the educational institution

Stage 3- Physical fitness assessment

Stage 4- Competitive selection and enrollment

The results of the competitive selection are posted on the college's website on August 21st. Admitted students sign a contract for military service.

Graduates of the colleges who achieve good and excellent grades can apply to military universities. To do so, they must submit a report to the college's director by the 1st of April.

Higher Education

The Ground Forces Military Institute (GFMI) in Almaty is the leading educational institution that prepares personnel for command specialties. Graduates of this institute constitute over 50% of the officer corps of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

The T. Begeldinov Air Defense Forces Military Institute in Aktobe is a center for training the flight and engineering-technical personnel for the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan. It prepares qualified officers for the Air Force, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Aviation, and the Border Service of Kazakhstan.

The Military Engineering Institute of Radio Electronics and Communications in Almaty is an educational institution specializing in the training of specialists in air defense, communications, automated control systems, and information processing and security.

In addition, the National Defense University offers postgraduate programs in master's and doctoral studies.

Selection of candidates for the university follows a specific process:

Documents (ID card and registration certificate) should be submitted to the local military enlistment office by April 30th. Candidates between the ages of 17 and 22 are accepted, or up to 24 for those who have completed compulsory military service and up to 25 for those in contractual service.

After submitting the documents, the competitive selection is carried out in 5 stages:

Stage 1 – Medical examination. Local military enlistment offices organize the medical examination, and each enlistment office sets its own dates. The required documents for the examination include: ID card and certificates from narcological, antituberculosis, and psycho-neurological dispensaries.

Stage 2 – Unified National Testing (UNT) Candidates must score a minimum of 50 points, including at least 7 points for mathematical literacy and at least 4 points for other subjects.

Stage 3 – Medical examination organized by the educational institution where the applicant wants to enroll.

Stage 4 – Psychological and physical selection. The psychological selection involves testing, and the physical selection involves meeting the required norms, including pull-ups, a 3000-meter run, and a 100-meter run.

Stage 5 – Competitive selection and enrollment.



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