True Strength: Sergei Tsyrulnikov - Continuing the Legacy of Baluan Sholak and Khadzhimukan

Engaging in sports has become very fashionable in the modern world.

07/07/2023 - 00:07
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Sports are activities in which people invest their time and money in various fitness centers and other venues. The goals of those who engage in various physical exercises vary. Some aim to build muscles, while others strive to maintain their shape and stay fit, and for a few, sports become a philosophy and hold a significant place in their lives. Such an individual is Kazakhstani powerlifter, and multiple-time world record holder in strength disciplines, Sergei Tsyrulnikov. Perhaps one of the few who can not only advise on proper sports training but also become incredibly strong. His specialization lies in isometrics. More details can be found in the article by

Isometrics or isometric exercise is a set of exercises that allow for the strengthening of ligaments. The founder of isometrics is considered to be Alexander Zass. Despite his short stature and not overly powerful physique, Alexander developed incredible abilities through isometric training. For example, he lifted very heavy objects with a single hand. However, the most vivid example of his immense strength was demonstrated when Zass lifted a piano, along with the pianist, using only his teeth under the circus dome. Besides Alexander Zass, there were other strongmen who, through isometric exercises, achieved the ability to bend nails, break chains, lift elephants, and much more. Importantly, all of this was accomplished with bare hands.

Among such strongmen were, of course, Baluan Sholak, Louis Cyr, and Gekke Schmitt. The case of Louis Cyr proves the power to achieve great feats. He lifted a weight of 816 kg with a single arm.

A follower of these strongmen is Sergei Tsyrulnikov, who continues the legacy of Baluan Sholak and Khadzhimukan. He is a five-time world record holder and a two-time Guinness World Record holder. Sergei Valeryevich was the first in Kazakhstan to establish a school of isometrics.

He was born in 1985. In 2002, he entered the Faculty of Physical Education at the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University and completed his studies in 2006. Around that time, he became interested in isometrics.

"I began looking up information on the internet, but as you know, there is a lot of unnecessary and irrelevant content there. Starting to practice with incorrect methods led to health problems. Then I was fortunate to get in touch with a student of Alexander Zass's student, and it's worth noting that Zass himself had only five students. His name was Ivan Gordakulov," said Sergei.

Isometric exercises are performed in a static position. There are two modules of isometric exercises. After completing the first module, which consists of 21 training sessions, a person can confidently bend nails or straighten a horseshoe.

These exercises strengthen ligaments, and after these exercises, strength increases. Isometrics have three main elements: desire and attitude, training system, and proper breathing. Correct breathing and proper posture are crucial to ensure that the load is placed on the correct ligaments.

Isometric exercises can be applied to other sports as well. In track and field, isometrics can help athletes unleash the burst of power needed to achieve a result. In weightlifting, an athlete who incorporates isometrics can significantly increase their performance.

It should be noted that the program developed by Sergei Tsyrulnikov is in high demand. According to the coach himself, specialists from England and the USA have contacted him multiple times and offered to buy his developed methodology, but he declined.

"I don't want to sell my program, not because of money. It's just very important for me that all the knowledge I have accumulated over 15 years remains with us. Over 40 of our students live all over the country. Some of them are in the top ten horseshoe benders in the world. And as we can see, all of this was not in vain," he explained.

Sergei occasionally holds seminars for both professional athletes and those who are considering whether or not to start.

Thus, the number of successors to the legacy of Baluan and Khadzhimukan continues to grow.



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