UEFA Suspends Juventus for One Year

The club will face a 2o million EUR fine for financial fraud

29/07/2023 - 00:36
Source: juventus.com
Source: juventus.com

The European Football governing body, UEFA, has announced a one-year suspension of the Italian club Juventus from participating in European competitions, as reported on the club's official website.

For financial irregularities, Juventus will also face a fine of €20 million. The investigation by UEFA, which commenced in December 2022, uncovered violations of financial fair play regulations and discrepancies in the club's financial statements.

In the previous season, 2022/2023, Juventus secured a seventh-place finish in the Italian Serie A with a total of 62 points. Their anticipated participation in the 2023/2024 UEFA Conference League has been impacted by this suspension.



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