Servicemen to Participate in Race Honoring Legendary Pilot Talgat Begeldinov

11/08/2023 - 00:00

A race is set to take place in Astana on August 19th, commemorating the 101st anniversary of the birth of twice-decorated Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Aviation Talgat Begeldinov, as reported by


The initiative by the public association "Atamnyng Amanaty" to hold this sporting event is endorsed by the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, and the city administration.

"The sole Kazakh to be twice awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Talgat Begeldinov became a legend during his lifetime. His feats in the sky seemed unimaginable, but accounts from foes and testimonies from comrades proved them to be real. His memory must live on and be passed down through generations. We are confident that the '101 Years - 10.1 Kilometers' race will deliver a strong message to Kazakhstanis, and they will eagerly participate in this sporting event," states the organizers' announcement, extending the invitation not only to professionals but also to running enthusiasts.

The ceremonial opening will commence with an honorary lap of servicemen from the Armed Forces, the Border Service of the National Security Committee (KNB), and the National Guard.

As part of the event, military ensembles from the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, creative groups from the capital, and a parade of the honor guard platoon will perform. A fair will also be organized.

It's worth recalling that Talgat Yakubekovich Begeldinov embarked on his combat path as a regular pilot and concluded the war as the commander of a guard aviation squadron. During the wartime, he flew the Il-2 assault aircraft, undertaking the most intricate and critical missions. He repeatedly found himself in perilous situations, sustained injuries, yet remained unyielding in his determination to persevere and triumph.

The valorous actions of Talgat Begeldinov, who risked his life for victory, are forever etched into Kazakhstan's history. The conduct of this event in honor of the renowned aviator underscores the unbreakable connection between generations, meticulously preserving the memory of the heroes of WWII.






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