Armed Forces Athletes Triumph in Kazakh Wrestling Competition

11/09/2023 - 14:39

The VI festival featuring eleven national sports took place at the Zhaxylyk Ushkempirov Sports Complex in the capital city. The sports included asyq atu, zhamby atu, audaryspaq, baege, kokpar, Kazakh kuresi, qusbegilik, tengе ilu, and more, as reported by

In the Kazakh kuresi competition, seven representatives from the Sports Committee of the Ministry of Defense - Central Sports Club, participated.

In the final match of the 100 kg weight category, Tokhtarbek Aidarbek, a serviceman of the Armed Forces, claimed the "gold," while his fellow club member, Corporal Aybek Iztleyov, earned the "silver."

Senior Lieutenant Marat Baikamurov secured a gold medal in the weight category exceeding 100 kg. In the same weight class, Armed Forces serviceman Beibarys Abdigani received the bronze medal.

In the 60 kg and 90 kg weight categories, the bronze medals were awarded to Armed Forces servicemen Bekzhan Tolepov and Yersultan Muzapparov, respectively.



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