Lionel Messi Becomes the Most Decorated Player in Football History

20/08/2023 - 16:54

The final match of the MLS + MX League Cup between "Nashville" and "Inter Miami" has concluded, as reported by, citing

The teams competed at the Geodis Park stadium in Nashville, USA. The regular time of the match ended in a draw, 1-1. In the post-match penalty shootout, the players of "Inter Miami" emerged victorious. This victory in today's match secured the MLS + MX League Cup for "Inter Miami." It is Lionel Messi's first trophy for his new club.

Consequently, the Argentinean has now secured his 44th career trophy, making him the most decorated footballer in the history of football.

During today's match, Messi first scored during regular play in the first half and later converted a penalty in the post-match penalty shootout.

Prior to today, Messi had 43 titles to his name, the same number as Brazilian defender Dani Alves, who has retired. However, Messi has now become the sole leader, having won his 44th trophy.





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