Champions and Medalists of the Asian Games Rewarded on Behalf of the Minister of Defense

A ceremonial event was held at the Ministry of Defense, featuring military athletes who performed exceptionally well at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

12/10/2023 - 17:38
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

Following the continental championship, representatives of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan received a total of 11 awards: two gold medals, two silver medals, and seven bronze medals, as reported by

"I thank you for your substantial contributions to our country's achievements. Behind these victories lies your colossal effort, and that of your mentors, incredible spirit, and genuine patriotism. I wish you optimism and new records on prestigious sports arenas in the name of our homeland, the Republic of Kazakhstan," welcomed the sports masters Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Sultan Kamaledinov.

As a reminder, at the Asian Games, Asem Orynbaev, a servicewoman of the Central Sports Club Asem, won a gold medal in shooting, as well as a gold medal in the mixed team event in shooting. She also secured a bronze medal in the individual event.

Silver medals were awarded to military athletes Alimkhan Syzdykov in Greco-Roman wrestling and Jamila Bakbergenova in women's wrestling.

Bronze medals were presented to Islam Satpayev in air rifle shooting, Zhansel Deniz in taekwondo, Ayan Tursyn in wushu-sanda, Abilai Khan Zhubanazar in judo, Meirzhan Shermakhanbet in Greco-Roman wrestling, and Kirill Tubaev in kayak and canoeing.

The champions and medalists of the Asian Games were honoured with certificates of recognition, expressions of gratitude, and commemorative gifts on behalf of the Minister of Defense. In recognition of her outstanding achievements in sports, Asem Orynbaev, a military athlete, was awarded the departmental medal "Guardian of the Nation."

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