Nurali Alip on Kazakhstan's Success in Euro Qualification: "No One Recognised Us Before"

According to Alip, self-assuredness and underestimation worked against Kazakhstan's opponents.

25/10/2023 - 11:00

Kazakhstan's national team and Zenit Saint Petersburg defender Nurali Alip talked about the attitude of their opponents towards the Kazakh national team prior to their success in the Euro 2024 qualification cycle, as reported by

"Before this, no one recognized us. Even the coaches from Azerbaijan or Belarus, whom we faced in the Nations League, would predict that we'd finish last. In the end, Belarus itself ended up in last place, and we claimed the top spot. Now, everyone praises our national team. No one takes us lightly," Alip said in an interview with

To recap, Kazakhstan's national team, with two rounds left in the Euro 2024 qualification, continues to compete for a spot in the Euros, trailing the leaders of Group H, Slovenia, and Denmark by four points.



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