Australia Acquires 129 Modern IFVs from South Korea

As part of the ongoing modernization of its ground forces, Australia is set to establish a specialised unit by 2028.

08/08/2023 - 18:46

Australia, in the pursuit of modernizing its armed forces, has opted for South Korean armored vehicles, with deliveries slated to commence by 2027, reports, citing Australian media sources.

Since the 2010s, the Australian Ministry of Defence has been implementing the Land 400 modernization program for its Army. Under this initiative, a competition spanning several years was held to select a new infantry fighting vehicle. Following extensive deliberation and comparisons, the Australian Defence Ministry has finalized its choice with the South Korean-developed AS21 Redback armored vehicle.

According to plans, the initial prototypes of these new Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) will be manufactured and delivered to Australia by 2027, while the last units of the entire batch (129 IFVs) are expected to be received no later than the end of 2028.

The integration of these new vehicles into the ground forces' structure has already been determined. Over the next few years, the Ministry of Defence plans to reorganize the army's organizational structure and introduce new formations. Specifically, the establishment of an armored brigade is on the agenda, which will include a dedicated mechanized battalion comprising nearly all the ordered IFVs.

It is worth noting that the Australian Land 400 modernization program proceeds through multiple phases. Beyond equipment upgrades, the final stage of the program envisions personnel training reformation. Educational institutions and units will be reconfigured in line with the overhaul of units. Furthermore, training for future armored vehicle crews and commanders, who will lead these units, will undergo revision.




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