Innovative Long-Range Weapon Developed in South Korea

The creation of this weapon involved the conceptual design phase.

04/08/2023 - 19:04
Source: MADEX-2023
Source: MADEX-2023

South Korean company "Pusan" has developed a precision-guided munition with long-range capabilities, featuring a caliber of 127 mm, intended for deployment within the Navy, reports, citing South Korean media sources.

This novel munition was showcased by its developers at the recently concluded "MADEX-2023" exhibition. The munition's concept is grounded in its high-angle trajectory, reaching a considerable altitude estimated at approximately 20 km. Upon reaching the apex of its flight trajectory, the "GGNM" munition unfurls its wings, enabling a glide range of up to 10 km.

The utilization of a GPS satellite navigation system ensures precise guidance even at maximum range, permitting predetermined waypoints for navigation while avoiding adversary obstacles. However, this feature also impacts the overall flight distance.

The initial phase of development, which concluded last year, focused on the conceptual design, tail assembly, and achieving internal stability.

In terms of accuracy, the GGNM significantly surpasses previously employed guided munitions within the South Korean arsenal. Its weight ranges from 70 to 100 kg. "Pusan" aims to conclude the entirety of the development by the year 2030.



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