Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan Plans to Support Domestic Startups

28/07/2023 - 19:07

An initiative to establish an innovation support center focused on defense security is in the works within the Ministry of Defence, in collaboration with Astana Hub, reports. Deputy Minister of Defence, Darhan Akhmediyev, made this announcement at the Central Communications Service.

This innovation support center, operating under the Ministry of Defence, aims to provide assistance to startups whose developments hold relevance in the realm of defense.

In June, representatives of the Ministry of Defence convened with the IT community, during which the ministry outlined its intentions to expand the pool of IT companies eligible to participate in classified competitions. Furthermore, they showcased product concepts that align with their ongoing development requirements.

It is worth noting that engaging startups within the defense sector is not an unprecedented move. As an example, the Japanese government, as part of its rearmament strategy, has incorporated over 200 startups in drone technology development.



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