Digitisation of Conscription Campaign to Save Approximately 1 Billion Budget Funds

Digitalisation of the system has revealed several violations.

27/07/2023 - 19:18
Source: pexels.com
Source: pexels.com

Starting from the next year, the conscription campaign will transition to a digital format. Only the medical examination will be conducted offline. Deputy Minister of Defense Darhan Akhmediev shared this information at the Central Communications Service, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

"Previously, before appearing at the draft board, senior high school students or college students who reached the age of 17 had to gather over 10 certificates for their personal files. This work is not done in a day, meaning the process takes time. Starting from the next year, the entire process will be moved to an electronic format," stated Darhan Akhmediev.

The automation of this process will annually save around 1 billion KZT, which is allocated by local executive bodies.

The system has shown positive results. Approximately 300,000 citizens receive deferments from military service every year due to their enrollment in universities. This process has been automated through integration with the Ministry of Education's database, which revealed several violations of the legislation. For instance, one individual was listed as a student in two higher education institutions simultaneously.

"Cases of providing forged certificates of education have been identified, which led to the identification of individuals engaged in illegal activities related to providing such certificates for a fee. The information has been passed on to relevant authorities," added the ministry's representative.



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