US Military Initiates Testing of New Radar Systems for Missile Defense

11/08/2023 - 00:08

Testing has commenced for radar systems integral to the missile defense system in the United States. This development was confirmed by Brigadier General Frank Lozano, overseeing the LTAMDS (Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor) program, which aims to create a prospective ground-based multifunctional radar station for missile defense. The report is relayed by

The LTAMDS radar will serve as a critical component within an integrated air and missile defense system, aimed at fortifying the capabilities of outdated "ground-to-air" missile defense systems. In accordance with congressional directives, a battalion with access to four radar stations will be incorporated into the US Army by the year's end.

It is worth noting that Raytheon, a prominent American defense contractor, was selected to construct the LTAMDS prototype in 2019.

According to General Lozano, the system is equipped with three sensors, two of which facilitate comprehensive spherical surveillance. This arrangement permits timely responses to threats by enabling 360-degree threat detection.

Of particular significance, these radar systems are intended to replace the Patriot missile defense systems. However, definitive prospects regarding serial production can only be ascertained post-comprehensive testing. Forecasts suggest that such production could potentially commence as early as 2025.



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