Norway to Create a Humanoid Robot

Several IT companies have shown interest in developing such a robot.

18/07/2023 - 10:52

OpenAI has invested approximately $23.5 million in the Norwegian startup 1X, formerly known as “Halodi Robotics”, for the development of a humanoid robot with human-like hands capable of operating under the control of a specialised version of the GPT neural network, according to reports from citing European media sources.

The purpose of the project is currently unclear, resembling more of an experiment aimed at creating something that can replace humans in the workplace.

It is expected that a prototype of this novelty will be unveiled sometime during the current year's summer. This does not come as a surprise, as neural networks are advancing at an extraordinary pace. Moreover, the physical infrastructure has long been established, with OpenAI itself having previously developed manipulators in the form of human hands.

For them, it will not be difficult to develop the necessary software to implement control over such synthetic limbs, especially considering the capabilities of GPT.

The robotic worker does not necessarily have to replicate human physiology; on the contrary, in many fields, its labor efficiency is significantly enhanced by deviating from it.

It is possible to create a vast array of robotic systems of various types that can perform specific functions. However, thanks to GPT, they will surpass industrial robots in intelligence, enabling them to better understand tasks and analyse nuances within the workflow.

Given that many IT giants have embarked on the creation of such artificial workers, their emergence and displacement of human beings is merely a matter of time.




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